About SolarVision™

About SolarVision™

SolarVision™: Two decades of renewable energy expertise.


SolarVision™ understands the impact solar energy can have on the environment and your budget. With new legislation in place, utility costs on the rise and the imminent need to improve the ecosystem, now is the time to embrace a new, renewable energy alternative—and SolarVision™ offers the means to do just that.

SolarVision’s™ cost-effective solar energy solution for commercial and industrial sites and municipalities is the latest in a line of energy innovations created by Energy Designs. Founded in 1984, Energy Designs was one of the first product development companies in Ohio focused on renewable energy. Energy Designs and SolarVision™ founder, Greg Kuss has long been a passionate advocate for sustainable energy alternatives and an avid believer in their ability to improve our environment and affect positive change for future generations.

SolarVision™ has overseen the financing, development and installation of photovoltaic (PV) arrays in projects at a number of schools, commercial and industrial facilities and municipalities. The company brings more than two decades of renewable energy expertise to the market. That expertise, coupled with the enormous growth potential for solar power, will allow SolarVision™ to become an invaluable partner to many organizations seeking renewable energy resources.

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